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The mission of GeneHRations is to challenge and inspire the HR community with a positive mindset.

The Anemone platform helps improve the collaboration experience at the GeneHRations community. By offering aligned meeting and goal tracking they manage to create sustainable value for their community members.


Creation of alignment

Anemone helped to eliminate confusion, avoid unclear responsibilities and expectations with an easy-to-use search engine and role-based org. charts which shows all projects related to all community ambitions.

Stimulation of value delivery

Anemone makes sure the ventures work together to deliver value to the whole community. It gives them the insights they need to know where they can deliver added value and help them to get results and realize this added value.

Generation of personal involvement

Anemone creates an environment that empowers all ventures to take the lead in the creation of impact to the community by installing a rhythm for execution based on facilitated meetings.